Wednesday, September 29, 2010

lost needles.

Let's start with my most recent disturbance. I am currently knitting fingerless mitts (a Ravlery link -- you'll need to sign in to view it) when I realized I knit too far ahead when instead I was supposed to remove stitches to spare yarn. As I was backtracking, the stitch marker flew off towards me. It took upwards of five minutes to locate the tiny green circular marker. Afterward, I looked back down to my knitting and counted three. Three size 1 bamboo double-pointed needles. (When you knit with double-pointed needles the stitches get divided between three needles and the fourth is used to work the stitches.) This is how my search went:

Lifted up and carefully shook out two blankets that were on the couch.

Lifted up the couch cushions to look underneath.

Looked under the couch with a flashlight, feeling around to see if it fell under.

Got some help moving the couch out a few inches from the wall. (I'm very weak.)

Finally, after these efforts proved futile, we wondered if the thin needle somehow fell into the crevasses of the pull out mattress. (It was very dusty in there, and now I'll have to vacuum.) I was just about to resign to my fate and hope it would suddenly appear when I no longer needed it, because that's usually how these things work out. The needles are packaged in a set of five, which is another reason I don't mind spending a few extra dollars on this brand, so I would still be able to continue knitting. Suddenly, we spotted the needle, it having landed vertically, stuck up right next to the wood panel that runs along the bottom of the couch on the inside.

That was fun.

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