Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nails of The Week

nails of the week
In an effort to maintain the appearance of my nails, I thought blogging about it might inspire me to maintain them. I've Googled pictures of nail polish so often, and it's very helpful when deciding what new color to try that maybe this will also be of some use to others.

I was at CVS dreaming of spring and looking for a coral color from Essie. My CVS' selection isn't the best, unfortunately, and I couldn't find the particular shade I was after. Usually when this happens, I start looking at other brands. That was when I noticed the new nail polish line from Revlon, Parfumerie, a collection of scented nail polish. Though I'm not really sure what the point of scented nails are, and I don't often wear perfume, it's a neat idea. At $6.49, it's not a bad deal compared to Essie's $8 bottles.

I walked out with China Flower, a coral red. During this excursion, I also bought Charmed , another Revlon polish from a different line, because of a super duper CVS sale, but have yet to use it.

Although the application is a tad streaky, I liked the consistency of the formula -- not too watery or gloopy. It took three coats to achieve smoothness, yet you could get away with two coats if you really wanted to, as it's opaque enough at that point. For the top coat, I used Good to Go by Essie which I have mixed feelings about -- I don't think it's the best at preventing chips compared to others I've tried. It does set quickly and I don't get many smudges if I let the undercoats dry a bit before applying.

As for the scent of China Flower, it's more woodsy than I expected. Because I happen to love woody, musky scents (like sandalwood and ylang-ylang), I'm alright with how it smells. However, I was expecting more of a floral scent. I liked this polish well enough that I am after Ginger Melon.

nails of the week
On my toes, I applied an old color my mom treated me to a long time ago. We picked it up at Forever 21. The brand is Love & Beauty and the color is light grey. I happen to love neutral greys, and I have to keep myself from picking up every shade I see of this color. The formula is great for such a cheap polish, and it resists chips surprisingly well. For $2.80 and countless manicures, I've really been happy with this polish.

Hopefully I will keep up my weekly (or bi-weekly, if my nails need time to breathe) nails of the week so that I can share them with you!

Courtesy appearances made by cats Saffron (ginger), and Moon Pie (white).

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